Benefits of Digital Archiving

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Digital Archiving

The world is trying hard to go eco-friendly. And a significant step that people are taking involves going paperless and putting most of their processes online. Digital archiving is one thing businesses are moving to that serves both of the purposes mentioned above. Digital archival is the process of converting a hard copy into a digital form. If you aren’t sure why so many companies are embracing this technique, you must read on to find out the benefits of digital archival.

No Chance of Losing Data

It is easy to lose your data when it is in tangible form. When you have a lot of paperwork to look after, that one crucial file may get misplaced if you don’t keep it safe. And finding information out of several files and folders can be difficult and time-consuming. This isn’t the case with digital archival. Everything is available within a few clicks. And if you sort your data well, you’ll have everything in proper folders. There are fewer chances of losing data when everything is available right in front of you. Also, if you want to make your search easier, you can simply type in the search bar, and you’ll be able to access what you are looking for.

Eco-friendly Process

The usual method of saving data uses up a lot of resources. Firstly, you have to spend a lot of money on buying papers and stationery. The use of paper isn’t considered to be an eco-friendly choice. Using stacks of papers every month is nothing but wastage of resources. You can’t even imagine how many trees are cut for just a bunch of papers. And discarding these papers in an eco-friendly way all the time isn’t practical either. So, when you switch to digital archiving, you are taking a step towards environment friendliness. Digital archival doesn’t involve the use of papers and other materials that can destruct the environment.

Complete Data Security

If you have a lot of confidential data that you don’t wish to share with people, you will have to be a little extra careful with the information. Tangible files and documents are always at the risk of getting in the wrong hands. If you don’t lock your documents well and keep them out of reach of people, anyone can access your important information, and it can be a threat in several ways. And if you cannot safeguard the info well, you are at a very high risk all the time. On the other hand, digital archival safeguards your data. You can safeguard your documents and limit the access to them with passcodes and other security measures. 

Faster Access to Data

What do you usually do when you have found an important document out of all the filed data you have? Do you spend several minutes or even hours looking for just a document? Yes? That’s the only solution people have, and that is a downside of the physical method of filing documents. But if you are looking for a time-saving way out to this usual issue, you can opt for digital archival. All your documents and data pieces will be available to you in a few clicks. Everything is stored on the cloud, and accessing clouds is very effortless.

Simpler to Manage

If you plan to preserve your paperwork in any form, you will have to be doubly careful. The quality of paper deteriorates with time. You will have to ensure that you store them in the best condition to ensure they don’t fade away or crack. All of this is difficult as preserving paper isn’t possible without the use of various chemicals. And if it’s not about saving documents, you will still have to manage them well. If you have papers of different sizes, you will have to trim them to file them together. If not, you will still have to laminate, punch, and then preserve them well to safeguard your data. But this isn’t the case with digital archival. All you have to do is scan documents, save them in the right folders, and you are good to go. Isn’t that simple?

Save Overall Costs

There’s so much that digital archival will save you money for. Because there is no involvement of papers and files, you will save inventory and stationery costs there. And if you have multiple branches or locations for your business, digital archival will be an ideal option for you as you won’t have to invest in transporting and sending the data to other locations. The cost of a courier and fax is almost nothing. A large number of business firms are opting for data archiving for file storage, as this saves them a lot of costs. The process simplifies the data storage process, and off-site storage of data saves valuable time for your company.

Second Chance to Retrieve

What happens when you discard your files and documents? They are gone forever, right? That’s the issue with the physical method of saving and preserving data. And in case you want the documents back, it is impossible to retrieve them. But if you opt for digital archival, you still have a chance of retrieving your data. When you go for the digital archiving process, you can protect your documents from being accidentally deleted. Even when you delete the file, it should be kept in the archive for at least 30 days. This also eliminates the hassles for searching for backups. So your important work won’t be affected even after you delete the documents once. 

If you aren’t sure how to get started with the process of digital archival for your business, you can get in touch with us. We can convert your hard copy originals into electronic data. From one letter to multiple boxes of documents, we can accommodate orders of any scale.

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