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Variable Imaging

Print media is an important vehicle in the marketing game. It has various applications in promoting a firm or a product, or simply to advertise an event that a business is organizing to improve the PR. The general idea behind printing brochures, letterheads, and catalogues is to communicate to an audience that is either already your customers or is supposed to be notified about the perks of doing business with you. But there is one thing that keeps conventional printing at a loss and that is lack of personalization on the customers’ behalf. For example, when you print a brochure that announces a new service or product by your company, it is prioritized for your customers. The conventional way of printing it would be to make a single template and filling up the information you want to convey to your customers. But if you see it on the customer’s end, you’ll find no personalization that tingles the grey matter in the brain. It is the same repeated design and generalized info for them.

A better alternative to conventional multiple copy printing would be to customize the printed not according to the customer but according to the person you know them to be. This process will need a lot of individual work on each printed piece and that would only slow down your campaign. But by the boons of technology, it is possible to have different printed pieces in one printing session without stopping for making changes in the print layout. This is possible with variable imaging or variable image printing.

What is Variable Imaging?

The drawbacks of the conventional printing platforms are made up for using variable imaging and printing. When a print session is in progress, you generally have to stop the procedure to add up extra information if you have a different idea for a different location and audience. But with variable data printing, a single printing session can take care of a differentiating data on every single printed template, without halting the printing work. This is made possible by constant sync of individualized data with a printer using a database. Variable imaging is advantageous to direct marketing, customer relationship management, invoicing and applying to address on postcard campaigns, self-mailers or brochures.

Variable imaging has its resourcefulness from the combination of the computer database of tech and digital mass printing work. In a way, the database, that consists of the information about your customers’ contact, address or email id, is directly correspondent with the print-head. Digital printing can easily change whatever data is conveyed by the database using software that funnels info from the database. Variable data printing can take up more complex variations for a printing session and comply with all the norms of the slower digital printing or offset printing without a blemish of a misprint. They are:

Name and Address Variability- This is the most common variation utilized during a mail campaign. Variable imaging uses the mailing list database and updates a different name and mailing address on each printed piece.

Additional Versioning- It includes other smaller details that are to be updated on the text in sales and salary slips, for example.

Transactional Information- Variable imaging is used very frequently in printing different transactional information on every customer. Variation of numerals and adding barcodes created specifically to customer info and contact.

Image Personalisation- The design and template can be altered on each different print with variable data printing. You can utilize a different image on the background of every print and personalise it as per your audiences and groups of customers.

What Are the Benefits of Variable Imaging?

A lot of businesses and firms have benefitted from variable imaging because of its ability to save time and work while providing valuable personalization for their customers. Variable imaging provides results in the return on your investment in advertising when mass printing media for advertising or promotional products.

Changeable Matrix of Printing

You must have seen barcodes at the labels of products. At one sight they just seem to be the same on every piece but then you compare them and find that they are all different for each piece on the rack. The barcode printing is a perfect example of variable print media where the print matrix keeps changing slightly on every printed piece of info. This contrast can be used to provide the customers with separate barcodes or QR codes which are more in trend. This practice on advertisement letters and offer cards gives the customer a feeling of being in someone’s priority list which in turn urges them to avail the offer and bring more business to your place.

Returns On Investment

Variable data printing is known to have increased the ROI of ad campaigns that have variations in there mailing ads. Variable data printing allows you to have a complex variation in each printed piece. This means you can have valuable information about the whole list of your customers. You can differentiate the mailed letters according to the customers’ location, their interests, family status, product choices, etc. This conveys a more personalized message to your customers and catalyzes the returns on investments.

Response Tracking

Variable data printing can be utilized with various platforms of advertising media. The different printed pieces, that your customer receives from you every day, must be personalized according to the customer’s priorities and personal interests. Even when your customers receive personalized emails along with the direct mails, when they see the personalization on their coupons, offers, and flyers, they will respond to them and you will be able to track the response rates using the number of conversions with unique details.

With variable imaging providing worth of time and money, you can easily plan ad campaigns that will bring the business closer to the customers and turn leads into customers and customers into loyal ones. And the very agenda of being connected to your customers comes into the plan when you’re using variable data printing for your ad campaign. For more of printing, inquiries contact College Copy Shop.

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