Characteristics of a Great Logo

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November 8, 2018
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Characteristics of a Logo

A good looking and descriptive logo is one of the most important investments a company can make. The logo is considered as the face of the brand and it represents the company by use of simple symbols and imagery. A well-designed logo is something that builds the image of the company.

All the details in designing a logo such as the colors, fonts, and shapes should be taken into consideration. The following are some characteristics of a good logo.


Your logo should be easily recognizable as you’d want it to be the face of the organization. Complicating designs is not recommended if you want people to instantly recognize your brand when they look at your logo. Think of your logo as an elevator pitch. Your logo should be as short and descriptive as an elevator pitch. Your logo should be able to represent your company and business in the most elementary way possible. Complicating the design of your logo gets the public confused and they won’t think twice about your logo or your company.


Take a look at the logos of Sun Microsystems and the Columbia Sportswear Company. Don’t they look identical and it’s a possibility that you don’t know about one of them. The logo that you design for your brand should be unique and distinctive. If you are the owner of your own business, try getting creative and design your own logo. If you haven’t had any experience in graphics or drawing, at least try contributing ideas to your logo designer so as to keep the logo as original as possible. Avoid copying ideas from other brands or logos to create a design. Your brand should stand apart from the competitors with the help of your logo.


Suppose your logo has been created. You print it on a t-shirt. It looks good. You make billboards and your logo looks fine. But when you print it on a visiting card the design is indiscernible and obscure. You surely don’t want that happening with your logo. One must design a logo in such a way that it suits all the mediums that you print it on. The logo must have the same appearance on any material you print it on. Size should not matter for the design and it should look interesting even in a black and white print.


The logo of your company represent your business and hence, it could have relevant shapes and design patterns. For example, the logo of Burger King has a burger in the background. This does not mean that the logo should have all the aspects of a business drawn into a single image. That would be chaos. Don’t make the logo look too overtly directive towards your business or industry. For instance, take a look at the logo of McDonald’s. McDonald’s sells burgers but has no burger in its logo. Instead, they have a single specially designed alphabet M as their logo and it is still unique. So, do make the logo relevant to your business but don’t make it too obvious or complex.

Consumer Focused

There is a business because there are customers. No business runs well if the customers don’t appreciate its service quality. If you want your logo to have an impact on your business and profits, you must never put the customers out of your viewpoint. Design your logo keeping in mind your target consumers. For example, if you are selling beauty products for women keep the logo as artistic as possible because women are more conscious towards art. If your logo is a word, utilize calligraphy, take the logo of Estee Lauder for example. Keep the color combinations ecstatic like a sky blue combined with a hue of orange. You can also take advice from women employees in your business.


A logo should imprint itself into the minds of the audience. Whenever someone looks at your logo, your brand name and the idea of the business should flash into his or her subconscious mind. A catchy logo goes a long way in establishing a brand and building brand loyalty. Here we can again take into example the logo of McDonald’s. The logo of the brand does not directly signify it being a food joint. Yet the logo is so memorable that whenever you look at it you recall the taste of your last burger or smoothie.


Following trends and keeping up with modern day design templates is foolery while creating a logo design. Your logo is the apperception of your business and your business cannot be outdated like a pair of jeans. Think about longevity when creating a logo for your business. For example, consider the logo of the Coca-Cola company. The Coca-Cola logo has the same font with two capital Cs since 1886. The same calligraphy font has been used for more than a century and it’s still not outdated and people still enjoy the beverages that the company sells.

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