Common Business Card Mistakes to Avoid

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Business Card Mistakes

Your business cards are the digital identity that you share with your acquaintances and existing and potential clients. You can’t afford to make any mistake on such a significant element of your business. However, countless mistakes happen during business card printing and distribution that lead to losses, bad impressions, and embarrassment. In this article, we have listed the most common business card printing and distribution mistakes that you must know and avoid beforehand.

Font Issues

The biggest issues that happen with business cards are with the fonts. Selecting fonts that don’t match the essence of your business is a serious mistake. Pick a font that will be relatable with your business. One of the best ways to avoid going wrong with font style is by matching the font style you have on your website.

Keep the color in mind as well. A font that is too light won’t be readable on the business card. Choose a dark color for the fonts or simply opt for a contrasting color to the background color of your card.

Likewise, pay attention to the size as well. Fine prints will be difficult to read and fonts that are too big will eat up a lot of space on cards. A font size of 10-11 pt is perfect for body text, and 7-8 pt can be used for the contact information. Keep it consistent for every detail you include on your business cards.

Crowded Design

Would you like to hold a business card in your hand that has a lot of elements squished in it? Surely not, right? Cluttered business cards with fine prints and overlapping designs are not attractive. Too much print on your business card is not only difficult to read, but it also looks unprofessional. Thus, keep the 3.5×2 inch card clear with limited information on it. Think about the design thoroughly and place every information at enough distance from each other. If you have a lot of information to add on your business card, use the space on the back side of the card as well.

Incorrect or Missing Contact Details

What is the use of having business cards when they can’t let people get in touch with you? One of the prime purposes of business cards is to provide every contact detail that your existing and potential clients may need. Having incorrect contact details or missing out on them entirely can be massive mistakes. Incorrect or missing contact details can lead to opportunity and monetary losses. Thus, ensure that your business card has all the necessary information such as your contact number and business’s physical address. If you have other details such as a fax number, include them on the card as well. Lastly, review the final copy and details mentioned before business card printing to avoid typos and mistakes. All the details provided should be accurate.

Poor Material

The material you pick for your business card also plays a vital role in your business. A light, paper-like material that can be torn easily and that can’t sustain the print is bad for your business. Don’t skimp on the money when it comes to the business card. A poor quality card implies a business that will have poor quality products and services. No matter how impressive your card looks, if people hold it in their hands and don’t feel good about the quality, it will go against your business. Business cards are not only about the looks, but also the feel needed to impress your connections. In order to save a few dollars behind the material, you may lose out on potential clients by repelling them. Take business card printing as an investment for your business and be ready to pay for quality work.

Missing Unique Selling Points

Business cards also act as the introduction of your business. Hence, your business card should include the basic details about your business’s function. Some people miss out on pointing the key features of their business on their cards. Don’t be one of those people. Ask yourself – when someone looks at your business card, can they understand what your business is all about? You need to design your business card in a way that people can instantly connect with your business and understand what you actually do. Also, your card should state at least one very powerful reason a customer should do business with you. When you mention your business’s USP on your business card, there are high chances of converting a person into your client.

Inexact Size

You need to give a lot of importance to the card’s dimensions as well. It’s true that a lot of designs and cuts are taking over the business card printing market that you may want to choose for your cards too. But it is still better to get standard sized business cards for yourself. Use the traditional 3.5 by 2-inch business card. Anything bigger will not fit in wallets or most business card holders. Chances are your cards will end up being in the trash bin. Additionally, smaller business cards have very high chances of getting lost. You may not even be able to accommodate all the necessary information on a small card. Thus, go with the conventional business card size.

Undistributed Cards

So you have your business cards ready and perfectly printed. Great! But how are you using them? Getting your business card printing done and not giving them to anyone is a big mistake. If you have invested in business card printing, it is best that you share them with your clients and connections. Always have a supply of your cards wherever you go. Give them out when appropriate. Don’t be hesitant to give your cards out or try to save your business cards. Not giving away your card and keeping a stack of unused ones at home will only make you lose potential clients. You can even invite people to pass the extras along to others who might need your service. You never know who takes it as a reference and works in favor of your business.

Some other business card printing mistakes include typos and misprints, wrong color selection, missing logo, inconsistent design with the website, and too few or too many cards printed. You can get in touch with College Copy Shop to avoid these mistakes and have perfect and error-free business cards that reflect the essence of your business.

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