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November 5, 2018
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Creative Print Calendar

The new year is just around the corner while it’s the ideal season to set new resolutions and goals for 2019. This advent is the perfect season to invest in a new calendar design for your office or institution. New calendar means new opportunities for various graphic designs! If you are looking for various types and designs of calendars, here are some inspirations for your creative calendar idea.

Even if you’re not an outright graphic designer, you can just use the templates available online and edit them using authentic images, texts, and quotes. Apart from the available templates, you can create your own creative calendar design through an online graphic design software and make customized templates in formats like PDF, JPEG, or PNG for digital printing.

Here are a few creative print calendar ideas that may help you create your 2019 calendar.

1. Typographical Calendars

These calendars are unique and eye-catchy. You may choose one word to describe each month like February-Valentine. These calendars appear more like posters than those plain white table-format calendars. Bringing some creative lines and cliparts with different font type and sizes can create interesting calendar designs.

You could also add motivational or educational quotes and facts as the text for each month. In this way, each month you read something new to motivate yourself, especially on those boring work-Mondays!

2. Travel Calendars

These calendars include creative illustrations of various iconic cities and monuments that are universally popular like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Travel pictures and artworks can inspire many to take a break from their busy schedule and visit their dream places. If not visit, you would at least plan a trip in the coming months.

Travel calendars could also feature photographs and clicks from famous photographers in different genres like wildlife, nature, landscape, cityscape, portraits, etc. Visuals always attract the eye, and what better way to include some graphic designs to illustrate holidays that each month has!

3. Collage Art Calendars

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in Great Britain during the late 1950s. Such kind of art illustrations can be created through an online software or simply make a collage by yourself and scan it to print it on a calendar. If you’re an art lover, these calendars will definitely inspire you to paint each day!

4. Illustrated Calendars

Illustrations are visual interpretations of a concept or a text. These are widely used in published media such as flyers, posters, magazines, etc. Having minimal text and more visuals helps people understand faster. A calendar shows you tables of all the days, weeks, and months of the year. It also lists the coming holidays, events, and activities in that particular year. An illustration simplifies the text and depicts it in the form of images. For instance, if you just used numbers and the first letter of each month, an individual would still recognize which month the page shows.

Illustrated Calendars

5. Watercolor Calendars

Watercolor calendars are simply the ones that have watercolor designs as the background of each page. You could either create one all by yourself with paint and brushes, or you could simply illustrate it on Adobe Photoshop and many such illustrating tools.

The above-mentioned list concerns with the design aspect of your calendar for digital printing. The list continued below mentions the type of calendar that can be printed.

6. Wall Calendars

Wall calendars as the name suggests are largely printed calendars intended to place on a wall. The theme for wall calendars may be any of the ones from the design list above. Creating and printing promotional wall calendars with graphic designs can be effective in brand recognition.

Wall Calendars

7. Desk Calendars

Wall calendars and desk calendars pretty much run parallel in popularity. However, desk calendars are a more preferred option for desk workstations. You can choose to print promotional desk calendars to distribute them to your customers, friends, and family. It’s an apt souvenir that will advertise yourself all year round.

Desk Calendars

8. Pop-up Calendars

Pop up calendars are made through origami. You can choose to print an online template that already has been created. There are various websites that have printable templates of pop-up calendars that can be customized with your graphic design. Corporates can print these calendars in bulk and distribute it to clients just like a business card until the new year begins. Such calendars can create a long-lasting impression on your clients.

The image below is how a printable template looks like, where you got to use folds and bends to create your pop-up calendar.

Pop-up Calendars

9. Page-A-Day Calendars

These calendars are desk calendars with 365 pages, one for each day. In some print calendars, the pages are either tearable or they can just be flipped like a regular tent card calendar. One such creative idea is the CMYK color swatch calendar which has color stripes for each day of the month. And as you tear off each number, you reveal a new color combination. At the bottom corner of each stripe, there is a code for each color. If you’re a graphic designer, this code can benefit you in accessing that color on the software color palate for creating illustrations. The stripes have a hole punctured in the left to store them on a small stand.

10. Moon Calendars

Mood calendars have a small illustration or a clipart on each date that tells you what day of the moon-cycle it is. For instance, if 1st February is going to be a full moon day, that date-page would have a clipart of a full moon indicating the information visually instead of texts.

Moon Calendars

11. Cryptic Desk Calendars

The concept of cryptic desk calendars was started by Stuart Greer. His thought was to create and bring interest in the viewer’s mind all year round. The design is minimalistic yet interesting. There are 365 cards that have cryptic rectangles which reveal the date when placed inside the matrix of square-cutouts on the calendar container.

Cryptic Desk Calendars

12. Three-dimensional Calendars

Three-dimensional Calendars

3D printed calendars are a one-time investment. You can create graphic designs of specific formats like PDF that are used for 3D printing. You can 3D print blocks designed with numbers and months on it. And all it needs is a stand to place these blocks that depict the date for many years to come!

Bring your creative thoughts and ideas into reality with some graphic designs and digital printing by college copy shop. We can help you create customized personal and corporate calendars where you can remind your customers of you all throughout the year.

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