5 Things That You Need In Your Office

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May 13, 2019
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Things That You Need In Your Office

>We all can agree when we hear that marketing is extremely expensive. What if there are stationery items to market your business? In fact, there are a few stationery printing items that will help your company create a brand image and save money as well. It sounds unusual but these things are must-haves in your office and here’s why:

1) Standup Banners

Standup banners, also commonly known as ‘pull-up banners’, are extremely easy to set up. They just have to be rolled up and fixed. They are retractable and portable. So you can keep them inside your office, near the reception, or right in front of the entryway of your office. These come in several sizes, but all are large enough to convey your message to the readers. You can use these standup banners for announcements of events, occasions or just anything and everything you urgently want your employees and visitors to keep in mind. Besides, it also has other pros such as it is less expensive and reusable. All you need to do is ask your stationery printing company to custom-print a new banner insert for the standee and replace the existing banner with it. The aluminium frame can remain the same. A standup banner is also easy to store, and durable due to the use of aluminium. The banner requires less space as well, which is very important as the number of employees keeps increasing in an office. You can have a dramatic effect on the reader with a standup banner as long as it has a good design.

2) Door Hangers

Door hangers are one of the best forms of direct marketing because customers feel more important. As it is always targeted towards the consumers directly. Suppose you have a conference in your office that will have guests and speakers from outside, you can use door hangers with a welcome note and their name on this piece. Likewise, if you organize an event outdoors, your door hangers can let your guests know about your business. On other days, you can simply let these hang on your organization’s main door so that every visitor and passerby can notice the same and remembers your brand’s name. It is practically impossible for door hangers to go unnoticed. Door hangers are very straightforward. They don’t need envelopes, postage, folding, binding, or any other steps to prepare them for distribution. You can talk to your stationery printing company and find out the best ways to design the most compelling door hangers for your business as these stationery pieces are highly customizable.

3) Tent Cards

You must have seen these on the tables of cafes displaying the discounts and combos on it. These are also known as the ‘table tents’. You can view these from two sides of the table which is made possible by the folding of the display into a triangle. Stationery printing of tent cards isn’t only meant for restaurants. You can use this for small announcements to place at the office reception. For example, the display can have the tagline of your company on it, or it could display the process of some services that your company provides. To make it more interesting, you can greet the visitors at the reception. Stationery printing tent cards are quite cheap and are reusable because generally, these cards do not have the date and time printed on them. The design also matters as it has to be appealing to the eyes of the readers and easy to understand. And when you place these cards at the right spots, people are surely going to notice them.

4) Press Folders

A press folder, press kit, or a media kit helps during media events or company’s published reports. Since this folder is sent to the media houses for whatsoever purposes, it needs to be brief and straightforward. So how do you arrange a press folder? You put your company’s logo on the front of the press folder, a business card to contact you quickly, background summary of your business and a little information on the company’s employment status. Try to keep the background simple and include all the necessary information about the event taking place or the purpose of sending a press folder. Without a press folder, you cannot have a business growing. The kit is a must have as the media will show that brand image to the public as well, so try to create a good media kit. The stationery printing is cheap since it is only a piece of paper. However, you will have to hire the right company that is experienced in custom stationery printing.

5) Parking Pass

A parking pass is a permit to park on your office’s property. Once you own an office with parking space around it, you will need parking passes to hand out to your employees and staff. The parking permit ensures that people from your office only have parked there. Since the pass also mentions the terms and conditions, it becomes easy to deal with parking issues. Besides just using it as a parking pass, it can also be used to display your brand’s logo and products on it to do a little marketing along with bright and alluring colours, and catchy taglines. Taglines are the one thing that the viewers are most likely to remember, and so talk to your stationery printing company to insert your company’s slogan wherever you can. There are sizes and types in a parking pass, such as for windshields or rear-view mirrors.

All these will help you market your business. Amongst other types of stationery and supplies, these are the must-haves for your business, irrespective of the business being small or large. You can also look for more printed office stationery printing to find out what else you can use to market your business or just run it efficiently.

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