4 Mistakes to Avoid While Logo Designing

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Logo Designing

The age of electronic media has put everyone under its spell. Everything from every possible corner of the world is now available on display, and everyone can now see what a merchant has to sell. In the crowd of so many companies trying to make their business accessible to more people, there is a drastic need for uniqueness for all the business owners. When your business goes online, you need it to stand apart from all the others and present to the audience, an idea that shows them the exact motive of your business.

Business logos are a necessity for everyone unless you’re a small business owner with the franchise of an accomplished company. Logo designing for your business requires a proper description of the nature of work in your firm. The info is then used with a creative setup and converted into an image that shows the difference between your business and others. When you imply to your customers the singularity of your business through your logo, you’re putting an impression of quality business. This is what calls the customers to do business with or to try out your services.

In logo designing, knowledge about the proper idea of the company’s expertise and the psychology of your target audience is supposed to be combined to get the best results from your logo design. There are a few mistakes that might occur during the logo designing process.

1) Poor Font Choice

Font selection is an essential step in logo designing and it affects the idea that the company logo is supposed to express. Ignoring proper font choice will only make your logo look unprofessional and unrelatable. The font you choose for the texts on your logo is supposed to represent the company’s work ethics and values. When the logo is designed, the fonts must be exclusively selected by the with the personality of the business entity in their mind. Different fonts impart different feelings to everyone. Hand-drawn font and a straight Arial Bold font will express differently. For example, a font used in a logo for a children’s brand cannot by professional and strict looking. Research for the fonts and don’t go ahead with the first font that catches your eye. Try out a number of fonts and determine which one exactly matches the characteristics of your business, before you move ahead to the image design.

2) An Unclear Image

Putting in too much into your logo can obscure the main idea of the business. When the audience is standing there for minutes trying to understand your logo, they have no time to think of your business. A logo is not supposed to an apothecary for art lovers. It must be focused on representing the foundation of the business name with a simple use of shapes, colours and words. When you are creating the layout of your logo, try not to put in a lot of designs and shapes. Doing so turns the idea vague for the depiction to the consumers. Keeping a minimalistic point of view, the logo design should have understandable images, shapes or letters that smoothly impart the idea of the business to the viewers. The reason to do so is to achieve;

Versatility – A logo must be versatile. It must be planned in a way so as to make it compatible with printing on any platform such as letterheads, flyers and brochures.

Memorability – Your logo must be easy enough to stick to the mind of the audience. The logo you construct must have easily memorable images or shapes. If it’s just a letter that is going to be your logo, look for unique fonts or create your own using vectors but keep it memorable.

Impact – Instant understanding is what is going to make your logo gripping on your target consumers. When your consumers understand what your company is by just one look at your logo, is when they will want to have your expertise.

Putting in too many referenced ideas will ruin the purity of your brand, and it would be passed by seeming like another off-the-block caricature of many other brands.

3) Plagiarising Ideas

Taking references from sample pieces is okay to a certain point. But remember that when you’re using a sample logo as a base for your own logo. You’re putting yourself in league with many other runner up firms that are using the same dull logo designs that no one thinks about. It’s your business, and you would want to set it up as an entity that describes your working style. A lot of times, people take references from other brands of the same industry, but then they ignore having their own idea reiterated in their logo. Plagiarising the entire content of someone else’s logo will not only bring copyright issues, but it also gives the audience a chance to compare your brand to another brand that is already selling the same products or services. When you are being compared with an existing company, you cannot expect more consumers on your counters because now they know that you have been following and copying some other brand in the market. Sometimes this plagiarism can occur mistakenly because you don’t know of any other brands that might be using the same logo design. So always check the brands which are closest to your vicinity in which you provide services.

4) Raster Images

There are two kinds of image formats that are used for the creation of logos and graphics; raster graphics and vector graphics. As stated earlier, a logo should be versatile, so that it can be printed or displayed on any platform or screen without changing the shape and look of the logo. Raster images or bitmap images are a picture format that starts pixelating when you try to zoom in, and the picture becomes blurred. Vector graphics have no such problems. Vector graphic programs let you draw and shape vector format shapes and objects that don’t appear as pixels when enlarged.

Uniqueness is the key to a logo that brings returns from the investment made. When creating logos, don’t go after the trends going on in the market. A business logo is not something you would be changing very often. So when you are creating your logo design, keep in mind that trends will keep changing, but the motto of your business should remain the same for your consumers. For queries on logo designing and printing of logos, contact College Copy Shop.

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