Your Guide to Festive Labels and Stickers

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Festive Labels and Stickers

The festive season is here, so remember to add attractive labels and stickers to your products. Apart from tagging your products, these little stickers can be used in other creative projects like games and festive decorations as marketing add-ons. While there are plenty of festive-themed labels to choose from in the market, creating your very own stickers will add a personal touch to your brand. There are various ways to create personalized tags. Let us take a look at how you can make custom festive labels and stickers.

Select the Right Shape

When designing your label or sticker, take into account which surfaces or objects you are going to display it on. The shape of the label and sticker affects the overall appearance. The most common sticker shapes are round, oval, square and rectangle, but keep in mind that round and oval shapes are a little difficult to print. Apart from these four traditional shapes, you can customize any shape and design for your festive labels, like a star, triangle or an abstract shape.

Choose the Preferred Label Material

There are several mediums to choose from for your festive label. While selecting the material of your label, think of what theme you are going for. Does your brand exhibit a homemade vibe, or are you going for a luxury feel? When you have a theme in mind, it will be an easy task for you to choose the material. Here are some of the label choices:

Coloured Labels

Coloured labels provide a decorative background for your label designs. If you want a natural feel, use brown paper; for a subtle hint of colour, go for pastels; fluorescents provide a burst of bright colours, and for a luxurious look, select colours like metallic gold or silver.

Premium Quality Paper Labels

If you want to print photos of the highest resolution for your festive labels, then you have to utilize premium quality paper like MPQ labels. These kinds of labels have a smooth and bright white surface, which enhances the quality of the printed photo.

Gloss Labels

If you want your festive labels to shine with shimmer, go for a gloss-based paper labels.

Transparent Labels

If you are labelling products that already have colourful festive wrapping, then you might prefer a transparent label with just the necessary details printed on it.

Pick the Proper Adhesive

Depending on the object you are going to stick your labels on, and how long you want it to remain intact, you can choose different adhesives like permanent, removal, static cling and high track. 

To print the best labels and stickers to get your brand in festive spirits, reach out to College Copy. We provide various services like graphic design and digital printing. Call us to get a free quote today.

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