How to Create Attractive Brochures

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Create Attractive Brochures

An impactful brochure design succinctly depicts what your brand and design is all about. There are various kinds of brochures that you can create for your company like website post brochure, give-away brochure at an exhibition, leave-behind brochure at your office reception, etc. While creating your brochure design, you need to keep your readers, audience, or customers in mind so that you convey your message effectively. A good brochure design will remind them of you, answer all their queries, and they will reach out to you when in need.

To make your company’s brochure interesting and attractive, here are some creative brochure design inspirations that can kickstart your creative idea.

Think Simple

Simple designs are not always boring for readers. They are quite effective as they imply a modern touch to the text and brochure design. By simply embossing the main headlines or the company name, the effect is clean and minimalistic. It adds some texture to your brochure design. Have a simple color scheme of pastel colors like peach/pinks, browns, ochers, or lavenders to add modernistic visuals to your brochure design.

While creating text for your brochure design, avoid lengthy and complicated words. Keep it generic so that anybody can comprehend the message you wish to convey. This makes the brochure appear friendlier and more comfortable to skim through. The information in your brochure design should convey the message in a single glance. Keep the text to the point, crisp, and clear to read.

Have a clear call-to-action included in the typeface of the brochure design, especially if you are including social media account information. Use graphics and images to replace texts wherever possible for reader convenience.

Consider Functionality

Typically brochure designs have a ‘C’ fold or a ‘Z’ fold. Folds are highly functional when it comes to categorizing information. Foldable brochure designs are compact and can be held easily. Folds need not be restricted to the entire page. You can have each corner folded to add an element of surprise for the reader as they open each fold. These designs are perfect for leave-behind brochures as they have a lasting impression in the minds of readers.

Keep it Linear

While creating foldable designs, you can have brochure designs that are rectangular or horizontal with multiple ‘C’ folds. When the folds are stretched out, it can also appear as one brochure, without the need of flipping through pages. This creative idea works best for travel brochures that have maps and other travel information. Linear brochure designs are highly functional when it comes to adding them to a magazine page. One side of the brochure can be bound, while the other side stretches out as one horizontal brochure.

Think Out-of-the-Box

Aim for a brochure design that is authentic and unique. You need not follow the ‘pamphlet’ rule for all your brochure designs. Stepping away from a simple, flat structure for a brochure into a three-dimensional one engages the viewer, creating a lasting impression.

Incorporating origami into your brochures can be interesting for the readers. By involving them in creating something out of the paper, your message can be conveyed directly at a personal level. Anybody can find origami interesting, regardless their age. Using such an interesting concept in your brochure can connect with the audience. Hence, these ideas are excellent give-away brochure designs where the viewer can make small origami installations and keep it with them. Such customer-experiences will always remind them of your brand or organization.

Use Texture as Design Element

Traditional brochures are always printed on paper. Some may even use high-quality paper for printing but not many companies choose to deviate from paper-printing. Let’s say your company is into various interior furniture materials and you wish to create a give-away brochure design to improve marketing. Your brochure can include the very samples of materials you provide to your customers.

For instance, if you deal with leather for furniture skins, you can have a small corner-fold of your brochure in the leather material. Similarly, if you are into fashion or textile, your brochure can portray it by having lace or other fabrics under the folds of your brochure design.

Make it Fun

Creative brochures are not only visually pleasing but fun to read as well. Use illustrations and various font styles and sizes to lay emphasis on headlines. Some brochure designs have used 3D images or text that need 3D glasses to view them. Such kind of graphics to your brochure is very engaging to the readers. It is a creative idea for leave-behind brochure designs at an exhibition to promote your organization. If you’re a photographer and you wish to add your photographs to your brochure to give-away at a photography exhibition, you can use 3D imagery as a design inspiration.

Use High-Quality Imagery

Impactful brochures cannot have blurred images or low-quality images. Brochures need to make an impression for the readers to consider your product or service. Images can visually please the reader first, much before the font style or content is read and observed. You could also create brochures that get instant attention by using vibrant colors, maintaining a color scheme, and having animated illustrations, and having animated illustrations.

Incorporate Shapes

Your brochure design could be in any shape that suits your business. It need not be restricted to rectangles and squares. You could also have the folds of various shapes. Various patterns appear when you stretch open brochure designs that have folds of multiple shapes. This creates an interesting action for the readers.

You could also have die cuts of various shapes that reveal a part of the brochure but not the entire information at one glance. This creates curiosity in the reader’s mind while unfolding the brochure.

Get Creative with Inserts

You could create creative pockets in your foldable brochure if you plan on including items like DVDs, CDs, Pen Drives, etc. These pockets are an interesting way to display them to your readers. Other than just a simple sleeve in the brochure back, you could also create pop-ups that hold the CDs or DVDs. These pop-up designs add perspective and depth to the brochure design. A 3D element seems inviting to the reader to pick up the inserted item. add perspective and depth to the brochure design. A 3D element that seems inviting to the reader to pick up the inserted item.

If you find any of these ideas attractive and wish to create brochures and pamphlets for your company’s product and services, hire College Copy Shop for your brochure designing and digital printing needs. We create and customize all kind of attractive brochure designs, including the trendy ideas mentioned above.

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