Our Team

Our Team

Our team puts over 100 years of collective experience at your service. Most of us multi-task and are happy to take charge of customers and your printing projects. From graphic design and pre-press to print production, finishing and bindery, if it happens on paper… it happens here!

Below is our list of team members at each location:


Salim Bhimji


AKA “the Silent Type” is behind the scenes making sure we’ll always be here for you.

Aly Janmohamed

Account Manager

AKA “the Go To Guy” when you’re lost, he has an idea.

Ewa Malecka


AKA “Speedy” can finish a 2 hour job in 45 minutes.

Eva Castillo


AKA “Precisionist” will make your products look sharp

Eapen Mathai


AKA “the Sleuth” will pick out the smallest dot on any document.

Laura Sproule


AKA “Smiley” is happy to help in any way needed.

Sarah Woodcroft

Design, Production

AKA “the Design Guru” will make you look great even when you don’t know how.

Tracy Clark

Digital, Production

AKA “the One With Many Hats” will make sure it all gets done.


Colleen Gara


AKA “customers love her” – they’ll come back just to see her

Michael Walsh


AKA “the Perfectionist” ensuring everything’s done right, even if you won’t notice. – Digital,

Jordan Alexander


AKA “Go-To-Guy” – he will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry