7 Promotional Items You can Consider for Your Business

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Promotional Items

Promotional products are ideal to hand over to your existing clients. You can also hand over these items to your business partners, vendors, sellers, investors, and other business connections. If you run a business where a lot of people visit your office or store regularly, promotional products can be the perfect giveaway gift or acknowledgement memento for your visitors. Moreover, if you hold events like contests or award shows, or put up a stall in an exhibition, you can handover promotional products to a lot of new people. These products will act as your brand’s identity and will remind people of your brand whenever they look at or use the product you gave to them.

We spoke a lot about how these promotional products can be advantageous for you. But now, let’s look at some of the best promotional item opportunities that you can grab and put them to the best use for your business.

1) Stationery

Stationery promotional items never go out of fashion. Pens, desk or pocket calendars, planners, diaries, sticky notes, notepads, and other stationery items remain in front of your target audience for the maximum possible time. This means that the stationery items will remind people of your brand for a long time. Although giving out personalised stationery promotional products may seem like an outdated idea, it is still an effective way to advertise your brand. If you opt for calendars, sticky notes, notepads, or planners, you can write motivational quotes or different taglines of your business on different pages and your brand’s logo on the cover page. But if you opt for pens, pencils, or coasters, utilise the limited space with your business logo and a tagline.

2) Bags

Who doesn’t use bags? And by bags, we don’t just mean backpacks. Bags can be sling bags, tote bags, or even shopping bags; or maybe small wallets or card holders. The great thing about giving out a branded bag is the recipient instantly becomes a walking advertisement for your business. They’ll also get a lot of personal use out of the bag, which keeps your business on their mind. You can either opt for printing your brand’s logo on the bag or choose embroidery instead. If you wish to go ahead and explore more travel accessory options as promotional products, you can opt for passport covers or bag tags as well.

3) Mugs

Another promotional item that businesses most often prefer is mugs branded with their name, logo, or message on it. Mugs are highly customisable, and you can print practically anything on it. Whether you are a service-providing company or a dentist, you can make the most out of mugs at any point. All you have to do is opt for a creative message for the mug, get it printed from a reputed promotional product manufacturing company, and it’s ready. Gift it to your people, and they’ll think of you whenever they take a sip of coffee. Mugs are perfect if your clientele or partners work in an office. Alternatively, you can even opt for branded glasses, thermos, or water bottle as per your wish.

4) Pen Drives or Flash Drives

Pen drives and USB flash drives are quintessential promotional products for a reason – they’re extremely useful and versatile. No matter who your target audience is, these storage space options will serve the best purpose for you as everybody today uses these things for their daily digital storages. You can use USB wallet cards as giveaways to remind people of your business every time they open their wallet or use the storage device. Another reason to use wallet cards is that they offer a lot of space to add a touch of personalisation. Although pen drives offer limited space to put up your brand’s essence, it is still a great item to give away to your clients and partners on different occasions.

5) Apparels and Accessories

If you are organising a public event that will include contests, games, and competitions, apparels and accessories can be the ideal giveaway options. Personalised t-shirts, caps, handsocks, and wristbands work well when it comes to reminding people of your brand. Just like with bags, people wearing t-shirts, caps, or other apparels and accessories with your brand logo on them can become the walking advertisements for your business.

6) Umbrellas

Considering the weather of Edmonton, umbrellas are highly useful items. Whether it’s summer or winter, people prefer using umbrellas to save themselves from the scorching sun or heavy snowfall. Umbrellas can certainly save the day for the recipient and give your brand a chance to be seen out there. In terms of imprinting space, umbrellas certainly offer a lot of space to stamp your brand onto. Consider printing your brand’s logo, tagline, or both on colourful umbrellas, and hand them over to your existing clients and business connections. If your brand has a specific colour as your identity, you can opt for that coloured umbrella only so that people can connect with your brand better.

7) Health and Wellness Products

Lip balms, hand sanitizer, sunscreens, lotions, and other wellness products may seem unusual, but they can be impeccable promotional products. Especially if your small business is in the wellness, fitness, or medical industry, using branded health products as promotional items just makes sense. You can get rid of the original labels of these products and replace them with labels talking about your brand and things around it. The options are many, you can select the product that you think will benefit your target audience the most.

You can talk to our promotional products specialists here, at College Copy Shop. We specialise in printing most of these promotional products and a lot more. You can discuss your business needs, and we will be happy to help you with interesting ideas to advertise your business.

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