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Stationery Branding

A detail-oriented business never misses an opportunity for good publicity and promotion. And one such way to promote your brand is through stationery branding. Stationery branding is a small but necessary aspect of promoting business and building a favourable brand image. Technological developments and connectivity to social media have businesses sticking to digital and social media marketing. Unlike social media where waves of promotion and publicity come and go, branding your stationery with your logo and brand name means more promotion for a longer time. Branded stationery products display your logo and brand name to people who see or use the product. Every time a customer uses your branded stationery, they will be reminded of your brand. Even the user’s friends or relatives may use your branded stationery and this means that more people will view your brand.

Stationery that you use for business transactions or as customer giveaways can be branded and used for promotion purpose. The branded stationery can be used in your office or provided as giveaway gifts to new or existing customers. Here’s a list of stationery items you can use for branding and promotion.


Although it’s an age of touchscreens, a pen will always be a useful thing in the hands of a person who needs it. Even in everyday business transactions or while preparing accounting books you need a pen. Your employees, if you have a restaurant for example, also use a pen for the purpose of taking notes or for jotting down orders.

Many businesses ignore this useful and noticeable promotional stationery. Pens are something that is used frequently by your staff and the customers. It can easily catch the attention of a user when they are using it. Pens can be given to customers as a freebie. Whenever they use your pen, on which you have branded your logo, they’ll be reminded of your business.

Letterheads and Envelopes

The letters sent by your business using your letterheads, which contain your brand name and logo, portray professionalism. Finely branded letterheads and envelopes are still a sign of class. A letterhead contains the logo and brand of your company. It gives contact information about your company to the recipient. And they can get in touch with your business using your contact details and your web address printed on the letterhead. You can also have an attractive promotional product by adding an envelope to the brew that has a minimalistic logo theme.


Notepads have always remained popular as a gift for clients and customers. Not only are they useful but also economical. Whenever your notepad is used by the recipient, they’ll be reminded of you. A useful gift such as a notepad with your brand name and logo on it can be a promotional utility that promotes your brand for a long period of time. Notepads can be designed according to your preferences and you can also add advertisements about other services or products of your company on the inside pages.


Calendars are used as gifts for customers by a lot of companies. Calendars allow a lot of personalization. You can provide your customers with a table calendar that stays at their work desk in front of their eyes or you can gift them a wall calendar that gives you a bigger canvas for the expression you want to portray.

As per your preference, table calendars can be used for simple but elegant designs with your products showcased on each page. The wall calendars can have bigger designs and pictures of your products maybe with a quote of your choice.


Postcards can be an effective marketing strategy for small businesses. You can mail the postcard to offer exciting deals to a potential customer or develop brand loyalty among your existing customer. Postcards are discreet and your competition won’t know about the promotional initiative you take by using them.

A postcard has a lot of space so you can provide the target audience and customers with details to your business and services. It doesn’t even have the hassle of removing it from the envelope. The customer can easily read all the information you provide at once. It’s easier to track the progress of your promotions through postcards. You can request the recipients to bring the postcards along with themselves to avail a certain offer.

You can test a promotional campaign through postcards by sending the offer printed on a postcard to a group of existing customers or potential ones. Track the response and if you see significant results, you can mail it to a larger group. You can also use postcards as a creative invitation for deals and offers.

Invoice Books

Branded invoice books have the ability to differentiate your business from other businesses that are ignorant of professionalism. And professionalism is something everyone appreciates in business. Whether it’s given to a customer, a supplier or a wholesaler, branded invoices and receipts can increase your brand awareness.

A custom invoice book provides you with portability. For example, if you’re a business that provides home services like utilities, you can easily provide the customer with a permanent bill of sale or service on the spot. It doesn’t require you go back to the office to mail a receipt. The brand name and logo of your business printed on the invoice is enough to make a valid and legal billing receipt.

The most interesting benefit of branded invoices is in the personalization you can add. You can customize the format and fields of the invoice according to your needs. For example, entering the delivery amount in the sales column. Therefore, you can enhance the professionalism in business accounting with customized and branded billing books and invoices.

Branding your office and business stationery with a good printing company can help you begin with your small promotions which can increase your brand awareness and is necessary for results. If you need branded stationery for your business, contact College Copy Shop and you can have your own branded stationery.

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