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January 3, 2020
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Design a Successful Magazine

If you are thinking of publishing a magazine, then before doing so, think twice about it. When making a magazine, the design, images and content need to be apt. Your content, design and image should match the quality standards of the famous magazines. Many other things go into making a magazine. Magazine designing is the main aspect as it holds the overall lookout of the magazine. Many have researched and told that magazine design is what catches the eye of the customer. Emphasizing magazine designing is important. And as there are already many magazines in the market, you have to make your magazine stand out from others. So here we are providing you with tips on magazine designing so that you can create better. 

Appealing Cover

We usually hear the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But this saying fails in terms of the magazine. Because people buy a magazine when they find a cover attractive. So making a cover look attractive is essential for the magazine. The cover consists of the main heading, then a sub-heading relating to a key story. There would be such sub-headings on the cover, focusing on various stories. These sub-headings will give insights into the key stories. Key insights will help to increase the interest of the people to look into the content. The cover does not need to be filled heavily with colours and various headings. Simple colour shades and a decent number of headings would work.

Designing Contents Page

After your cover, the next thing a reader will see is the content page. The content page is essential as it will hold the record of every content in your magazine. The details in the content page should be stated clearly as it will help the reader to identify the topic easily. And if your magazine consists of a lot of content, then don’t try to fit all the information into one page. You would have seen how other magazines take two pages to enlist the content. You can also do the same with your magazine. In the content page, you can highlight the key content with the design.

Using Colour Properly

Colour plays a crucial part in magazine designing. The colours in the magazine help to elaborate on the fonts and images you add in the magazine. The colour plays a pivotal role in providing the perfect background for an image. Also, the text in the magazine should match with the colour scheme. You don’t need to use one colour throughout the magazine. You can switch as per the need, but don’t go on using a lot of colours just for the sake of it. Think about it and choose vibrant colours that look popping up in the magazine.

Focusing on Font

After the colour, another essential aspect of the magazine is the font. The majority of your magazine will consist of content. The magazine has to be content-driven at the end of the day. The font should be selected by you wisely, give a try to different fonts, try fonts and identify the one that suits better with your design. The font for the heading and the body text of articles in the magazine can be different. Be wise about choosing a font that is easy to read; if the reader gets trouble in reading your magazine, then they would not consider it worthy.

Grabbing Attention With Pull Quotes

A pull quote is a text or statement which exists in the article, but it is presented in different design and large font than that of the body text. The pull quote is presented to grab the attention of the reader. If the pull quote is interesting, then the reader who is not interested in the article will also read it. This tactic is used by many in their magazines. In the body text, there would be some statement that you can make into a pull quote. The pull quotes are sure to make an impact on the audience, so it is worth keeping them.

Using the White Space

With the process of magazine designing, you may get the gist of filling the whole space from top to bottom. But that should not be the case in the magazine. It can affect the appearance of your magazine. A better option is to use the given white space wisely. White space helps to fit in an image or content perfectly. It gives a frame to the page. Filling the whole page can make it look like a mess. With white space, you will be able to make the reader focus on the content you want them to read. 

Inserting Infographics

Inserting infographics in the magazine is a wise idea as the whole magazine will be filled with texts, images and bold texts. So infographics will be helpful to provide with something different. It will help to lift up the content of your magazine. Infographics help to provide the information in simple understanding and the content gets easier for the readers to absorb. There are several styles available. You can choose one that matches your magazine.

Being Consistent Throughout

Once the fonts, colours, and style are decided for the magazine, you have to make sure that you stick to them throughout the magazine. You will have to maintain consistency in the magazine. If you put different styles throughout the magazine, then it will create a mess and the magazine will become difficult for reading. Consistency in the magazine will give it a distinct identity.

You should follow these tips in the process of magazine designing. This will help you to make a quality magazine, and the audience will trust and like your output. You can choose us for printing magazines. We are pledged to provide you with the best printing solutions.

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